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Upcoming Mini-Golf Leagues

Spring ’22 Mini-Golf League Details

Location: Aqua Golf – 501 W Florida Ave

  • Tuesday League Starts May 10th
    • 6:30p Start Time – Wait List Only
    • 7:30p Start Time – Spots Still Available!
  • Wednesday League Starts May 11th – Spots Still Available!
  • 6-Week League
  • BYOB!
  • Pre- & Post-Round Drink Specials @ Dive Inn
    • $1.50 House Drafts/$6 Pitchers
    • $4 Blue Nectar Tequila & Deep Eddy
  • Weekly Contests for Free Drinks & Prizes
  • Includes: 1 18-hole Round + Putter & Ball

$160 per 2-Player Team

$210 per 3-Player Team

$240 per 4-Player Team

Mini-Golf Rules

  • Your ball must stay in the hole to count as a made shot
  • No mulligans or ‘re-dos”
  • 5-shot maximum per hole: Once a player misses their 4th shot, they can pick-up their ball and take a score of 5 for the hole.
  • The “tee box” is anywhere behind the starter bricks. Your initial shot cannot be even or past the start of the bricks on any hole.
  • If your ball rests against an object (wall, rock, etc) you can move it 1-2 putter-head lengths in any direction, even if that moves it closer to the hole.
    • This does not apply to any “sand” traps or “rough”.
  • If a ball lands in water or out of bounds, you must re-hit from the previous spot.
    • There will be no penalty strokes given BUT your score should reflect how many times your putter hit the ball
    • Ex: If your tee shot (1st shot) goes out of bounds, you would re-hit from the same spot and the re-hit would be your 2nd shot.
  • If a ball (Ball ‘A’) hits another ball (Ball ‘B’). The owner of Ball B may choose to return Ball B to it’s original position OR to leave Ball B in it’s new position. Ball A cannot be moved and is to be played from where it came to a stop.
    • If the contact from Ball A knocks Ball B into the hole then the Ball B player shall add 1 stroke to their score and count it as a make
      • Ex: Player B had already hit their ball 2 times, then it was hit in the hole by Ball A; Player B would take a 3 as their score
      • You can’t get a hole-in-one because your ball was hit in by a teammate.
    • If Ball A goes in the hole after contacting Ball B, it counts as a made shot.

Team Scoring

  • Scoring (Best Ball Hybrid)
    • Best Ball is when each team member plays their own ball to completion. And the lowest score on a hole is used for your team score. Keep track of all players’ scores for each hole. Your team score will be calculated after the round is complete.
      • At least one score from each team member must factor into the final team score
  • Standings
    • Points will be rewarded each week based on your performance for the week. The team with the lowest score will receive the most points.
    • Points awarded will be determined by the number of teams in attendance that week. If 10 teams play, the team with the lowest score will be awarded 10 points. 2nd lowest will receive 9 points and continuing down to the 10th best (last) score receiving 1 point.
    • The team that accrues the most points will be crowned League Champion.

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