Winter & Spring 2020 Leagues Now Accepting Registrations

Cornhole Leagues

Locations: Stoney’s, Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Platt Park Brewing, Mile High Spirits, Ironton Distillery

  • Leagues Start March 10-12
  • Early Bird Pricing thru Feb 17th
  • 6-week League + Tournament
  • Exclusive Drink Specials
  • 2-4+ Players per Team

Bar Pong Leagues

Locations: Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Dive Inn

  • Leagues Start March 24-26
  • Early Bird Pricing thru Feb 28th
  • Water-in-Cup Bar Pong @ Dive Inn
  • Giant Beer Pong @ Bierstadt Lagerhaus
  • 6-week League
  • Exclusive Drink Specials
  • 2+ Players per Team

Bowling Leagues

Location: Moe’s BBQ – 3295 S Broadway

  • Spring Leagues Start April 6-9
  • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Leagues Available
  • 6-Week League
  • Includes 2 games, shoe rental and exclusive drink specials
  • 6 Players per Team

Seagram’s 7 is the Official Whiskey of Rocky Mountain Bar League!

RMBL has partnered with Seagram’s 7 to have them be the Official Whiskey of Rocky Mountain Bar League!

Please Drink Responsibly. The 7 Crown Distilling Company, Norwalk, CT

Rocky Mountain Bar Leagues

Cornhole Leagues

Let’s Throw Some Bags!

Whether you call it BAGS, BAGGO or CORNHOLE, we just call it fun!

Like our other leagues, our RMBL Cornhole League is not uber-competitive. Instead, the league is all about having a good time with friends and making some new ones. Probably a drink or two as well. No need to worry about the weather because we’ll be playing indoors at Stoney’s Bar & Grill, Bierstadt Lagerhaus, Platt Park Brewing, Mile High Spirits and Ironton Distillery!

Bar Pong & Giant Pong Leagues

Take a shot of nostalgia and join us for our Bar Pong Leagues.

Your favorite college party game has been modified (slightly) to match your post-college sensibilities. The cups in our leagues will be filled with water allowing your skills to be enhanced by the beverage of your choice.

Like our other leagues, we’ll have exclusive drink specials for our players as well.

This is your chance to be officially crowned ‘Beer Pong Champion’ after years of telling your friends and opponents that you’re worthy of such a title!

Bowling Leagues

It’s Time to Rock the Alley!

None of that uber-competitive action you see at a regular bowling alley. This is a nice and relaxed league where you can have some laughs and drink a beer with new friends. Add in the chill atmosphere of Moe’s BBQ and Bowling and you have the perfect leagues to escape the long nights of fall and winter.

It’s time to get your bowl on!