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Upcoming Bowling Leagues

RMBL Bowling Leagues are BACK at Moe’s!

Rocky Mountain Bar League and our friends at Moe’s BBQ are teaming up once again to make some bowling magic happen. If you’re willing to follow some simple rules, we can carve out a little slice of normal together.

We’re going to have 2 different league types: A more RMBL-traditional 4-team bowling league and a new Come-When-You-Can League that will offer a 6-week period for you and your squad to show up to Moe’s 6 times and self-report your scores.

The new CWYC League accomplishes 2 goals: 1) Allows more teams to get their bowling fix this Winter amidst restrictions on group activities. 2) Gives Moe’s much needed support at a very crucial time. As limiting as the current restrictions are, they aren’t nearly as dire as the potential for RMBL to not HAVE a bowling alley to offer leagues at. Moe’s has been hit hard and they need our support to make sure they see it through to the end of this.

COVID and League details can be found below but don’t hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions about anything.

Moe’s + RMBL COVID Safety Rules

  • Masks/Face coverings are REQUIRED to be worn while standing/passing through any indoor common areas.
  • Masks/Face coverings MUST COVER both mouth AND nose.
  • Masks/Face coverings are ENCOURAGED at all times while indoors, though you can take them off at your lane. It is strongly encouraged you only do so to eat & drink.
  • Do NOT return your bowling balls at the end of the night. Leaving them at the lane allows Moe’s to disinfect each ball used
  • Please do not talk/gather with any non-team members without a mask on
  • Utilize their drink-friendly patio to enjoy some fresh air, drinks and conversations with others without a mask
  • Wash your hands
  • Any player/sub who feels sick or has had known contact with an active case of COVID should NOT participate at Moe’s until deemed safe.
  • Extend the utmost courtesy and respect to the Moe’s staff for your food, drink and lane maintenance needs

Please make sure all of your teammates are aware of these new, COVID-related rules. Reach out to me should you have any questions!

RMBL Spring Bowling League Details

  • Spring League: Starts April 19-22
    • Monday – starting 4/19 – Wait List Only
    • Thursday – starting 4/22 – Wait List Only
    • *On the chance that restrictions ease before the season starts that allows for more teams to join, please register and join the wait list for any full leagues*
  • Start Time of 6:30p (Practice at 6:00)
  • 6-Week League
  • Includes 2 games per person, shoes and ball
  • RMBL Exclusive Drink Specials: $1 Off Domestic & Draft Beers and Wells. $5 White Russians
  • $450 per Team per League. 6 players max per team.
  • $50 Moe’s Gift Card to League Champion
  • 4-Team Max per League
  • Location: Moe’s BBQ & Bowling – 3295 S. Broadway

RMBL Come-When-You-Can Bowling League Details

  • Spring League Window:
    • April 9th thru May 30th
  • Exclusive Drink Specials: $1 Off Domestic & Draft Beers and Wells. $5 White Russians
  • $120 League Fee + Pay-As-You-Go Special RMBL Group Rates per visit.
    • All RMBL Group Rates Include 2 games per person, shoes and ball.
      • 4-person Group Rate: $50 per visit
      • 5-person Group Rate: $55 per visit
      • 6-person Group Rate: $60 per visit
    • Group Rate determined by number of players in attendance for each visit.
      • Team size can vary between visits, if needed.
    • Teams pay Moe’s directly each visit.
    • Lane reservations will need to be made in advance.
  • Your 6 official league visits can occur at your convenience within the 6-week window, including multiple visits in a single week and weekends!
  • Group Rate can be redeemed an unlimited # of times during league window!
  • Scores will be reported by emailing pictures of completed game scores to RMBL.
  • $50 Moe’s Gift Card to League Champion
  • 8-Team Max per League
  • Location: Moe’s BBQ & Bowling – 3295 S. Broadway

Bowling Rules

  • 6 Players from each team play. Teams with fewer than 6 players on a given night can still input 6 player spots.
  • Teams are allowed to use subs.
  • Traditional bowling rules and scoring will be used.
  • All league venue customer policies must be adhered to and followed.

Team Scoring

  • The Top 4 individual game scores will be totaled together to determine your team score for the week.
    • Max of 1 score per player.
      • i.e. the 4 highest individual game scores will come from 4 different players.
      • With a full team of 6 players, this means 2 players on a team will not factor into the team score that week.